4 reasons you need a porch!

Here we share 4 reasons why your home could benefit from the addition of a new porch.

1. Kerb appeal:

Porches are of course practical, but many people choose one because of their aesthetic appeal. Simply put, porches can really boost the kerb appeal of your home! A well-built porch will enhance the front of your home, creating a handsome and welcoming entryway instead of just a plain front door. An architectural feature, porches can be designed to complement any style and age of property.

2. Protection from the elements:

Whether you’re walking out the front door or returning home from a trip outside, you’ll find that a front porch offers protection from the elements while you find your keys, put your groceries down, fix your child’s jacket and more while shielded from the sun, snow, rain and anything else mother nature throws your way.


3. Added value of a porch:

This is a little subjective as it can come down to personal choice and the added value may not necessarily be in adding value to a sale price, although depending on the style, construction, and size of the porch this can be the case. Given that adding a porch to your home will increase the living space, make it more secure and add kerb appeal could go a long way to making the property more desirable and therefore sell that much quicker.

4. Added security:

An enclosed porch can enhance the security of your home, providing an extra barrier in the form of an additional front door, which can deter burglars. After all, most would-be intruders will be opportunists who don’t want to have to work too hard to break in somewhere.

Looking to add a porch to your home?

If you’re looking for a new porch, ALCO Properties can advise on the best options to suit your home, whatever its style and size, as well as on whether you will need planning permission (in most cases you won’t).