The biggest bathroom trends 2023: 10 key designs and colours to inspire.

From creating a spa-like sanctuary to embracing bold patterns and colours, here’s a roundup of our favourite  bathroom trends:

1. Fabulous walk-in showers 

It seems that everyone agrees 2023 is the year of the shower. Pinterest Predicts identified an “elevated shower routine” among its top trends for the year. Similarly, 2023 Design Trends research by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and 2022 Bathroom Trends research from Houzz both report continued and increasing popularity in shower upgrades. This includes expanding shower sizes—two-person showers are preferred, according to the NKBA–as well as shower seats and multiple showerheads.

2. Black bathrooms  

While neutral bathrooms are still a great way to create a spa-like sanctuary, black bathrooms are on the rise – note the 33,000 #blackbathroom Instagram posts for inspiration. Adding black fixtures and fittings makes a bold contrast against the natural base tones. 

3. Freestanding baths

The popularity of the freestanding bath gives a sense of how luxurious bathrooms are becoming – this is a design choice geared towards self-care, encouraging more time spent in a state of rest and relaxation.

4. Sparthrooms

Spa-inspired bathrooms, or ‘spathrooms’, will be one of the leading bathroom trends in 2023, influenced by the growing popularity of spaces within the home created to support rituals of self-care.

There’s a shifting mindset when it comes to bathroom design: instead of seeing bathrooms as strictly task-focused, consider them as spaces in which to relax and take care of your body.

5. Natural warmth

A thread running throughout all the latest design trends for 2023 is a desire to add warmth and natural elements, whether it be through colour or textures and materials.

6. Colour drenching

For those averse to the black bathroom trend, we’re also seeing the polar opposite emerge in the form of colour drenching – saturating a space with intense colour full of impact. Customers have turned away from all-white bathrooms in favour of colour and experimentation.

7. Match your metallics

Whether you’re into gold, brass, silver or chrome, metallic accents aren’t going anywhere in 2023. Choose your favourite shade, then match your bathroom switches and sockets, mirrors, taps, toilet roll holders and showerheads for a coherent look.

4. Japandi style bathrooms remain highly sought after 

Japandi dominated 2022, yet the good news is that it isn’t going away anytime soon! Continuing to perform well and rule in 2023, this bathroom trend will carry on making waves.

Promoting one of the most effortless aesthetics, Japandi is the perfect style for any bathroom type. Offering fabulous bathroom inspiration, it combines minimalism, an injection of nature, black accents, muted colours, and texture all in one.

9. Checkerboard chic

Whether seen on floors or walls the two-tone checkerboard look is well and truly back in fashion for homes in 2023. This classic look is another design staple that feels inspired by period properties and even expensive locations such as hotels or spas.

“Checkerboard patterns, once subsumed within a traditional design, has now emerged as its very own trend and evolved into one of the hottest surface and tile trends within bathrooms.

A checkerboard floor is a great way of adding pattern and colour to a bathroom without it becoming too complicated or over the top. The overall look will be dependant more on the colours chosen than anything else, as it doesn’t have to be traditional white and black. Instead, contrasting, or similar shades can be used that can soften and warm the space

10. Statement wallpaper

Embracing one of the biggest wallpaper trends of 2023 to incorporate feature walls into your bathroom design is hugely favourable right now – offering a less permanent solution than decorating with patterned tiles.

A colourful or textured wallpaper can really transform the look and feel of a bathroom. For smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms, choosing a striking wallpaper with a detailed print is an easy way to add interest and depth to the space.

In larger family bathrooms or ensuites, a beautiful wallpaper can instantly elevate the look and feel, taking the room to the next level. However, always ensure the wallpaper is suitable for high moisture areas before choosing it.

As we move through 2023, the bathroom is no longer just a functional space but a place for relaxation, rejuvenation and self-care. The bathroom trends of 2023 are all about creating a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. From statement modern bathtubs to smart technology, the latest bathroom trends are focused on providing a personalised and luxurious experience. So make sure you embrace these trends for a fresh contemporary design.

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